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MacBook Pro Disk Utility emergency backup

MacBook Pro Disk Utility emergency backup?

I'm having some major issues!

My MacBook decided to melt down, and freeze on the gray apple logo screen. After a week of trying safe startup and tons of other tricks, I decided to wipe out my computer and start again.

I really wanted to save some pictures and documents, so I tried using Disk Utility to create a "image" on an external hard drive (I found this tutorial online). I clicked "scan image for restore" as instructed, and after waiting for over an hour I received the error message "unable to scan - internal error"

It's a MacBook Pro running on Mavericks.

Any advice is so appreciated. I would love to resolve this without loosing everything!


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I would create a USB boot drive, boot from it then try to backup your images and documents folder by drag/drop onto an external drive. (Now you know why you should keep a current backup of such essential data)

The apparent source of your problem is a failed or scrambled SSD. Since you didn't state the age of the MBP I can't tell you if the other alternative. putting the SSD in an external case, would work.

Excellent third party disk repair apps are DiskWarrior, TechToolPro or Drive Genius3 they can often resurrect a badly master boot record (MBR) or volume boot record (VBR) on a drive. They can not repair physical damage.

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