The current line of iPod Touch comprises six (6) different generations.

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I have a rock stuck in earphone plugin?

There is a rock stuck in earphone plugin on my iPod and i cant get it out. What do i do?

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Try using a sewing needle to pry it out.


It may require a pair of sewing needles.


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You're better off just replacing the jack on the iPod instead of digging the rock out. The part is dirt cheap, so it makes no sense to dig the rock out to me.

Until I know what iPod you have, refer to this link to find the iPod you have.

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Can i safely take the iPod apart?


yes just follow a repair guide


If you tell him which generation you have he can direct you to a teardown. + Ralph


Taking the iPod apart does not fix the problem, the rock is inside a jack which is covered on all sides except one. I suggest you buy the new part first if you are planning to replace the jack. It may not be an easy part to get.


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