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Should I remove logic board?

After a coffee spill, the MacBook Pro Mid 2009 Unibody did not function at all.

Following instructions on ifixit, I removed the back of the computer, the battery and a few cables. Underneath the cable connecting the logic board to the magsafe connector, I found and cleaned a mottled discoloration with a toothbrush and isopropyl alcohol. I also cleaned some other discoloration the same way. I did not go any further but put it back together. It is working fine now except for the shift key on the left side of the keyboard. Also it sometimes will not stay shut off.

Should I quit while I’m ahead or should I continue the cleaning process by going further - removing the logic board and looking at the back side of the logic board and cleaning whatever I may find?

Also I will need to get a proper #00 screwdriver from ifixit b/c I was unable to unscrew the fan connectors, etc.



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Thank you.

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The coffee may have had a little sugar, no cream

Question regarding :not shutting down.

I was able to shut the computer down last night when it was on battery power only and it was still off this morning. When I plugged the magsafe power cord into the magsafe port this morning , it turned on by itself.

So the problem with it not staying shut down seems to be with the magsafe connector - which was where the spill damage was found.

Thank you.


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If the coffee had cream and sugar you could probably do some more careful cleaning. Check to see you do not have an automagic start scheduled in energy saver. A top case replacement is the easiest fix for your keyboard issue.

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