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HD memory not updating available space?

Hi guys,

I have a MacBook Pro 13" 750GB HD. Can't figure out why after deleting over 300 GB of files (movies, music...) the available space is not updating?

I have already looked into the time machine, backup partition... but it doesn't come from there... I've also tried many other ways, Tool tech, Disk Warrior, defragmenting... back still back to square one!

Apparently (seen on a few forums) it seems that there is a lot of people having the same issue!

Does anybody has a clue on why on earth it does not update the available free space?

Thanks a bunch...

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Hi Guys,

I've just discovered the culprit is Disk Drill... It basically kept down deep all files (hudreds of Gb) I deleted over the past year from my 750 Gb Harddrive...

Even after deleting Disk Drill it leaves a hidden partition called .cleverfiles. After using the application FreeDiskSpace I discovered that my 750 Gb harddrive was storing including the deleted files deep down a total of 1,5 Tb and that the famous partition .cleverfiles had a folder containing over 1,29 Tb of deleted files... the name of that hidden folder is hlink.ref

Well at least I discovered where was the 450 Gb Space Gorilla on my HD, which in fact happens to be a 1.29 Tb monster of files...

I haven't deleted it yet, as it is a goldmine of files I deleted and lost ages ago... at least I will be able to recover some of the files I've been crying for... Also I want to be sure how to delete it a and make it disappear for ever...

Well no need to spend 12 bucks when you can download FreeDiskSpace for free from the AppStore...



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DO NOT install or use any "cleaner/cleaning app." they cause more problems than they fix. Of course after putting all that stuff in the trash you did empty the trash?

If so force spotlight to reindex your drive. You could be looking at old data.

If this answer is acceptable please remember to return and mark it.

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Well, I don't do cleaner/cleaning apps... I have deleted the old fashion way the extra files... of course I have emptied the trash been... I have tried everything I could think of... defragment, run scan, check partitions, file structure, hard structure... I even deactivated the time machine, as it blocks/reserve virtually a space for backup even on a different partition then the backup one... But thanks for the tips, I will definitely trying to reindex the drive... I'll keep you posted...


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