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The Gateway MA6 is a business class laptop that features an intel pentium M processor and a 15" LCD display. It was originally released in early 2006, with the model number M465-E.

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Why is my computer booting up so slowly?

When fully turned off, it takes my computer an unreasonably long amount of time, sometimes as much as 15-20 minutes, to boot into the operating system.

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This could be one of two problems, stemming from either your hard drive or your RAM. If your Gateway MA6 is unreasonably slow both during boot up and in the operating system, even with only one program running, it is likely that your hard drive needs to be replaced. If it is slow during boot up, and with many programs running, it would make more sense that your RAM will need to be replaced or upgraded.

Gateway MA6 Laptop Hard Drive Resmi


Gateway MA6 Laptop Hard Drive Replacement



1 minute

Gateway MA6 Laptop RAM Resmi


Gateway MA6 Laptop RAM Replacement



10 minutes

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