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My laptop isn't connecting with my internet wire

Hi! I use comcast as my internet server and I had a problem with my Asus laptop connecting to the internet before. I do not use wireless. I use a normal internet wire. Even when the comcast worker came he told me that the wire wasn't fitting into the laptop. It's been abot a year now and the internet wire would slip out now and then but with a big of jiggling the internet would come back on. Today it won't connect at all! I restarted both the laptop and Internet box a few times and even tried the internet wire in another laptop that I have for my work. The internet works perfectly on that so I know it's the Asus's laptop. Do I need to get a special type of wire so it fits in the Asus? Or is the laptop broken? Everything is working fine but it will not connect to the internet.

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Jessum12, I suppose you are talking about an Ethernet cable Cat5 or Cat5E (think big telephone plug). If that cable works on another computer with the same router, it is most likely that your network adapter on your laptop has failed. this will not be an easy fix since it would require trying to find the right replacement and trying to solder a new connector onto the logic board. You did not tell us what model ASUS you have, so you would have to search for a replacement connector. The easiest would be to not fix it, but to use a USB to to Ethernet adapter for about $10. Hope this helps, good luck.

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I would also add, consider getting a wireless router ($29 or so) if your cable modem doesn't have wifi --- your laptop already has wireless built in. Replacing a $29 router or cable modem is by far more disposable than your laptop and especially your data.

I do damage appraisals on computer equipment for insurance companies, and run a repair business. The 3 most common issues I see when it comes to power surges hitting systems...

1. The surge protector was off.

2. The user didn't run their DSL phone line through the surge protector.

3. The user didn't run their cable COAX line through a surge protector.

And any combination of the above.


Thanks so much for the answer! I actually asked my friend for some help on my laptop and he also has an Asus (I don't know what kind he has) And he had the same problem. He told me to get a USB as well and I have a wireless router and I've been trying to connect my Asus to the wifi. It's not giving me a wireless option and when I troubleshoot the problem I get the same description about how I need to plug in an internet wire. Is my laptop not connecting because it will only work with a USB plug or is it something else? And I checked the bottom of my laptop and it says the model number is x54c?


You may not have a wireless since it does not come on all 54C's. Check F2 Radio Tower (F2): Wireless Models Only: Toggles the internal wireless LAN or Bluetooth (on selected models) ON or OFF with an on-screen-display. When enabled, the corresponding wireless indicator will light. Windows software settings are necessary to use the wireless LAN or Bluetooth." Also check your hardware from within your BIOS or your operating system and see if your have a wireless adapter. If you do not have it, you will need to get a USB to Ethernet adapter or fix your board. download the users manual from here


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