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2.3GHz, 2.6GHz, or 2.7GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.7GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache.

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Battery not charging after water damage...replace missing components?

Continuing my cleanup/repair of 2 rMBP 15" machines suffering liquid damage, I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to repair logic board components on one that had some residue and a component or 2 detached after cleaning up. This machine will not recognize or charge the battery. In visually comparing the 2 boards, I notice 1 or 2 components have been knocked off the board in question. Is this something I can repair, along w/ replacing the backlight fuse?

The missing component(s) are right in the center of the attached picture. This pic is of the top side of the board, by the left fan (as you look from the upright orientation). Sorry I don't have an arrow, but those of you familiar might recognize where they're missing. There are 2 sets of empty solder pads between the chips, just above the "R33V" chip, and perhaps some add'l components missing to the left of those 2 sets. Can anyone tell me what is doable here, and what components to buy, if that's possible?



Block Image

Block Image

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Fred Turner,zoom out a bit so we can see where the parts are in relation to the whole board. Also, give us the serial number for your computer so we can properly identify it and the logicboard. Unless of course it is the same logic board from your previous question. than we can use that one


LOL, we meet again! :-) Yes, this is the same serial # as the previous question. I'm not sure if the 2nd photo I just uploaded shows you enough, but I can take another, if you need. I shot these through an "extra-magnified" portion of a reading magnifying glass, hence the lack of scope.

Anyway, the area in question is basically inboard of the right fan. You have to take out the logic board and flip it over to see it; or, if you imagine lifting the keyboard and topcase off of the logic board, it's just to the left of the right fan. All of these rights and lefts obviously being w/ the machine oriented rightside up (or the opposite of how you'd be taking it apart). Does that help or is it confusing matters? If the latter, tell me how I can better describe.




Hey oldturkey, did that 2nd photo and description help? I can take another photo if you need. I've ordered the backlight fuses from Mouser, but would love to order the parts missing here, too, if we figure out what they are (and if you think they can be replaced). Thx, Fred


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Fred turner, here is what I got:"

Reference designator R5001 0ohm 5% 1/10W 603 package resistor

Reference designator R5221 8.2Kohm 5% 1/16W 402 Package resistor

Reference designator R5220 8.2Kohm 5% 1/16W 402 Package resistor

Reference designator RD002 5% 1/16W 402 Package SENSOR_NONPROD:Y

Reference designator R5072 10K 5% 1/20W 201 Package resistor

Reference designator RD007 5% 1/16W 402 Package SENSOR_NONPROD:Y

Reference designator R5016 0ohm 5% 1/10W 603 package resistor

0ohm resistors are usually used as jumpers. It is easier to have machines place 0ohm resistors than to setup for wire jumpers. RD002 and RD007 are sensing resistors. May be tough to find. Hope this helps, good luck.

Block Image

Quick description


Reference designator R5001 SMC support circuitry

Reference designator R5221 SMBus Connections

Reference designator R5220 "SMLink 1" Connections

Reference designator RD002 DEBUG SENSORS AND ADC

Reference designator R5072 SMC support circuitry

Reference designator RD007 DEBUG SENSORS AND ADC

Reference designator R5016 Debug Power "Buttons" SMC on off

as you can see they are all pretty closely connected to the The System Management Controller (SMC) function of your computer.

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Wow, thanks yet again, oldturkey! Your knowledge is impressive, as is your willingness to help those of us bumbling about w/ this stuff. I had another look at the board w/o the battery issue for comparison, and it looks like R5072 is missing on the one pictured here. Using your info, I have looked around and found this component: Is this the right one? Do you have any knowledge about the function of this circuitry to know if that might be related to the battery being unrecognized? Where do I send the case of beer? :-) Thx, Fred


Here's the reference info at Mouser's site as well: Unless I'm searching wrong, it doesn't look like you can order small quantity there tho...


From what it looks like you got to purchase big numbers at Mouser. The Digikey one looks right.


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