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HP's 7" tablet released in April 2013 with a few upgrades over the first iterations. Repair for this device is similar to that of other Android tablets, requiring only screwdrivers and a prying tool. Available as 8 or 16 GB / Red or Silver.

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How to fix my charger port

My tablet was charging when i played with it but now it completely stop chargering so can i get my charging port repaired

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If you take a look at the HP Slate 7 Charging Port Replacement Guide, getting your HP Slate charging again is made quite easy. Give it a try!

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It is pretty hard, this was the same thing that happened to mine, i think it can not be fixed any more , just get a new one, and never think of playing while it is charging,and make sure to charge it completely full, because if you charged it 50% you will have to get to get charge more and play less, but better charge it 100% full, and charge less with more playing , and be sure to never tie it just keep it straight.

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