MacBook Pro models with 13" displays

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MacBook Pro 13" Model A1278 is completely dead. Help? Solved

This is about my daughter's computer which worked fine for the past four years. She indicated that she was having intermittent charging issues lately and had to wiggle the Mag-safe to get the battery to continue charging. That must not be working any longer because everything went dead. No LED indication on the Mag-safe, no light when I press the button on the side of the computer, and no life when I try to start the computer by pressing the power button.

The guys at one of the box stores tried another charger with no success. They think it's the connection inside the computer. They said the computer should be replaced. The Mag-safe prongs and computer contact points appear to be undamaged when I look at them with a magnifying glass. Since there is no life, my options for troubleshooting are very limited. How can I check the battery? Could it be the DC-In Board?

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Vincent Plocido, give us the last four digits of your computers serial number. This will help us to properly identify your computer and the hardware involved.


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Thank you. I have an update. I took the computer to the Apple Store. The charger THEY used worked fine and charged the battery. They even did a systems check of the hard drive and checked the battery. All was fine. They then provided a new charger FREE OF CHARGE! All is working fine. Problem solved.

Lession learned - Don't go to the "box store" for an evaluation. Thankfully, my daughter had the good sense to not buy a new computer then and there.

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