Don't have original discs anymore, can't remember password, can't use?

Have an iMac G5 A1508, bought for sons when in school, I want to use it now but kid lost all discs for it. Its asking for password and I can't remember and Apple says just get an OS 10.2 disc. Anyone know where or how I can fix this?

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Apple is wrong. This machine shipped with 10.3.5. The 10.2 will not run on your machine. It will take up to 10.5.8. Just get a retail version of 10.5 on eBay. Install it, make a copy for your archives and resell the original. The 10.5 disk has a reset password option on it in the utilities.

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That presupposes that you know the original password which the lady clearly states she doesn't please clarify explain.


PHB59, obviously you do not have experience using the Password Reset from the DVD.


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