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Can I use old Mac components in PC build?

I am going to build a PC. Can I use the hard drive and slim optical drive from an old Mac laptop in an HTPC? Do I need to format the drive first, and how would I format it?

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It's really going to depend on the Mac, but what can be reused is limited.

For the iMac, it really depends on the age. Some share more then others with a modern PC. You have to see what's in the iMac to know for sure. All of the Intel iMacs(2006-present) use laptop RAM, so you need a board that supports it to reuse it, or a laptop. The iMac G5 has used DDR laptop RAM and desktop RAM. GPU's might work, but do not hold your breath in case the Apple EEPROM causes problems in a PC, if it isn't soldered. Hard drives will work in a PC. The optical drive seems like it's a reusable part.

Apple's laptops are mostly soldered parts- pre 2012 has SODIMM memory with the exception of the Air. 2012+ has soldered RAM and a proprietary SSD. You can't reuse anything in the rMBP.

For the Mac Pro, hard drives will transfer no problem along with the RAM. The only thing with the RAM is it's ECC, which may be a problem. It'll work with Xeons but consumer CPU's are a toss up. Again, DVD drive will probably work. GPU is going to be a toss up and will likely need PC firmware flashed to use it. Some just are not worth flashing.

For PPC hardware, you're not reusing anything in the majority of them unless it's a legacy system. However, some use SATA hard drives, which will carry.

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Why anyone would want to is beyond me, accurate answer though.


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