The Apple iPhone 5c was announced on September 10, 2013. Repair of this device is similar to the previous models, and requires screwdrivers and prying tools. Available as GSM or CDMA / 8, 16, 32 GB / White, Pink, Yellow, Blue, and Green.

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Please add a photo Noise canceling microphone

Greetings. Please anyone about the part where the attached photo shows the microphone removes background noise which is located next to the main camera. In none of the manual This part is not shown, and I needed to know how it looks after removing the back cover. All views are taken using is from the front display. Thanks in advance and sorry for my English.

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You can see it clearly in step 57 of this guide. I attached a picture.

It is part of the flat cable (component cable) that you can see here but I couldn't attach the picture since the resolution is too low. It is the "golden" square that you can see on the top right.

Block Image

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Thank you very much! One more question. Is there any membrane between the hole in the back cover and just the microphone? I there is dust and I would like to make it thin wire. Therefore I ask to damage something.


Yes, there is a small black rubbery separator from the inside, that lays between this microphone and the back of the iPhone. It has a whole in the middle to allow for the sound to pass through.

Instead of using a thin wire which is intrusive/damaging, can you try compressed air instead or on the contrary something with very strong suction?


I've already cleared it with a thin needle. In the end I just felt something but I did not push. I have only touched it. That's why I wanted to find out what and if I happen to not be damaged. Thanks


Alternatively, there is a test to check the function of the microphone?


I don't believe that you ruined it if you just touched it lightly.

I am not sure how to properly test it. But I believe if it is not working properly, when you are making a voice call, I think people on the other side will hear your voice going loud/clear then faint/far. I'll have to double check…

This mic is used by the voice call of the phone, but not the Viber app for example. If you can hear people well using Viber, but not well (the same people) when using the normal voice call, it could have been affected.

Again, I am not 100% sure…


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