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Can I use this as a monitor?

bought 2 of these at school rummage sale, 1 is missing OS, the other one is not able to run other than textedit and such.. so thinking maybe we can use these like a monitor with mini mac or something..

any chance this might be a possible idea?

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ssami, possible with some mods. How far do you want to go? What do you envision? Thought about reinstalling an OS on it?



somehow one has OS X maverick installed and I wanted to downgrade OS since it seems to be unavailable to even upgrade safari and etc. the other one - we guess- formatted hard disk. it shows folder icon and question mark and nothing happening.


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You can if you rewire the interal monitor connection. It's mostly compatible with DVI but requires a few extra parts. Here's a guide:

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If you want to do this without a hardware modification, you can use the free software Screen Recycler once you have a working OS.

If one of them already has an OS, you should be able to boot the other into Target Disk Mode (TDM) and then use the one with the working OS to copy (or 'clone') itself over to the non-working one. Just make sure you know which is which, because you don't want to overwrite a working system with a non-working one.

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