Improving air flow for better temps

I would like to remove and mod the fan housing on my Radeon 6670 GPU to improve the air flow but don't know how to remove it. It's an ASUS model that has a large, plastic cover assembly over the entire fan mechanism.

The housing comes to 2 channels that appear to vent air out of the back of the card's bracket, but the housing is capped/closed off on the ends.

I believe that if I remove the housing and cut away the caps, more of the hot air could actually escape out the back of the case, which is vented in that spot.

Please help with the removal part, as I have a dremel tool and am fairly certain that I can do the mod once I figure out how to remove the fan assembly cover.

Thanks !

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Can you locate a good image of your model or take a picture so we can see which version you have and post it here.


lookie here: maybe this will help explain what I am talking about.....


OK, you have the newer version.


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Are you encountering issues with high temps in your system?

Before you start cutting up the housing have you tried testing the current air flow? Go to your hardware store and ask for a smoke pen or can of smoke.

Using it you should be able to 'see' the air feeding in and around in the system and GPU. Sadly, it won't show the exiting air all to well as the churning will hide the smoke trails.

Air flow issues are tricky. While you may have a better idea here, without doing the modeling of the air flow internally and how the air feeds in and out you may end up making things worse.

Often the cases are welded on or have oneway snaps so you will likely break the cover in the process of taking it off.

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Ithe temps on the card range from 73 to 87 F depending on what I am doing at the moment, which I know is not extremely high by any means. However, I overclocked the card a bit and when I do that, the temps start to go even higher, which is what I want to avoid if at all possible.

My system has plenty of airflow, provided by the 4 case fans, a cpu fan/HS combo, and vented mesh-style front, side and rear panels. And even with a 12% overclock on the cpu, the system temps rarely go over 75 F so I am fairly certain there is no problem there.

I would just like to squeeze a bit more performance out of the GPU instead of buying another one.

Thanks for your help :)


Thats good on the case temps. So you'll need to focus on the flows around the cards fan. Can you get the smoke pen? To see whats happening around the edge of the cards case. How's the air flow on the other side of the card? A little here could help keep things cooler.



I will do the smoke test over the weekend and see how that looks. Since the card is only an inch or so away from both the CPU fan (80mm) & the rear exhaust fan (all case fans are 120mm) I don't think there would be a problem with air flow on the back side of the card, but perhaps the smoke test will reveal more info on that as well......

Thanks again for your help :)

Have a great 4th !


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