1.5 Core Solo, 1.66 or 1.83 Core Duo, or 1.83 or 2 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Internal Duo Hard drive.

Hello everybody,

Does this model ( A1176 ) support a second internal hard drive? There is already a guide for it.. but it seems that stays as a external one. Just want to make sure it will work, before I buy anything. I am actually running 10.6 ( and getting ready to update to 10.7 ) on a SSD.

Thank you very much.


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Can you give us the last four digits of your systems serial number so we can correctly identify your system.


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Hans, the dual HD kit is designed to replace your optical drive for a second drive. You give up the optical drive for the second storage device HD or SSD.

But before you even think about doing this, your system may not run 10.7 (Lion). Did you review the compatibility listing to make sure?

Also you should make sure you have the latest EFI for your system. Follow this Apple TN: EFI & SMC firmware updates for Intel-based Macs

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I would recommend installing a SSHD like a Seagate Laptop SSHD drive it offers the benefits of both within one device replacing your current HD and leaving your optical drive alone.


Hello Dan, thank you very much for your replay.

The only reason why I would put 10.7 its because everybody is saying that to stay on 10.6 its so dangerous... what do you think? the computer works really good with 10.6.

The exact model is this one:


I will install 3 GB of RAM and the other harddrive I just need it fo files. The OSX is already running on a SSD.

I am also experimenting some troubles with the flash player ( Version 14 ... ) but I don't think I can really do anything about it.

I thank you one more time for your time and answer : )



I would recommend going to 4GB of RAM with a matched pair of modules.


While I do recommend getting one of the newer OS-X's that Apple is still maintaining, there is a point were one has to live on the wild side with an older system.

I would recommend making sure you have a good antivirus app running and maybe limit your web browsing to known clean sites and don't open any email that has imbedded links.

The SATA port on this system is limited to SATA II (3.0 Gb/s) so you'll need to make sure the HD/SSHD you get can run at this slower rate.


So you recommend that I stay on 10.6 with a good antivirus app. is that right? To be honest I don't like Lion. Could you recommend me a couple of good apps for it?

I am using Firefox with adblock and I have little snitch on it too. but as you say antivirus sounds like a good thing to do staying on the 10.6.

I have a old hard drive from my old macbook pro, i will just put that in it.

Thanks a lot for your help.



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