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Need microphone logic board connector

Okay, got another fix going on... Have an 15" Early 2011 logic board with a broken connector for the microphone. Looks like this can be removed and a new one soldered on. Can someone point me in the right direction for finding a replacement part?

Block Image

Also, there are 2 pins broken over the I/O ports. Does this pose a problem? Are these standoffs, or some sort of ground to the bottom case/cover?

Block Image



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Fred Turner, that is reference designator J6780 which is a Molex 78171-0003 Headers & Wire Housings 3P WTB VERT HDR PICO EZMATE connector. Available at places [http://Headers & Wire Housings 3P WTB VERT HDR PICO EZMATE |like this] or Molex. com directly. The pin you are pointing to on the picture is SH0913 which is a EMI pogo pin and should not cause you any issues. I can not really see the second pin you are referring to. Hope this helps, good luck

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As usual, oldturkey, THANK YOU!! I feel bad having you coming to the rescue on every inquiry I've made... Where do I send the beer? :-P What's your source for all of this goodness?? Just may be Top Secret though...


No secrets, just years of ifixit hobbying and collecting almost 1 TB of service manuals:-) Once you have all your projects fixed will have that beer together:-)


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