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Sleep/Wake Button and Smart Cover doesn't work.

After replacing the Digitizer front Panel on my iPad mini, the Sleep/Wake Button doen't respond, but you can turn it off and on with it. Also the iPad doesn't ract to the smart Cover. But i transfered the Magnets like shown.

Any Ideas how to fix it? Thank you!

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It turned out that the Panel was defective. I ordered a new one and it worked great.

Thank you


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This sounds like an issue with the IC Chip on the home button flex. Usually this can be fixed by adding more Kaptons tape and making sure that every transistor on that flex is covered by the tape. Hope this helps!

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Thanks for your Feedback.

What Part of the Flex do you mean exactly?

The whole Part going along the lower Part of the Panel next to Home Button, or the larger Part connecting to the Logic Board?

i tranfered the tapes from the origonal Display to the HomeButton Area, didnt help.

I made another iPad today, exactly the same, no Problem :S


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