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Display MacBook Pro A1260 had a loose connection

Hi there,

i have a Question. My MacBook Pro early 2008 had a display problem. The problem is when i moved my display gently up and down the display flickers and have a black color softly. The authorised apple personal told me that i have a loose connection problem with my display. So my question is what can i do now? should i buy only a new LED panel or a new Display(complete)?

Could you please help me to solve this problem? Thank you so much

Best regards

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Thank you so much for yours quickly response.

I think (logically) that the screen itself is not broken. Only when I moved the display down / back then is the black color coming for a few minutes but I can still see the writing on the screen easily(could you imagine that). Therefore, I strongly suspect that the display itself is not broken .. isn`t it? what do you think? I will exchange the Display Data cable, inverter. ''' Thanks once again for your helpful.


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USe the guide to open the top case

check the connections there, look at the cables for crimps or shorts. If none there then remove the display bezel and check the connections to the inverter, while you're at it lube the hinges and tighten screws before reassembly.

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Good Luck,


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The most likely culprit is the Display Data Cable : [bağlı ürün eksik veya kapalı: IF185-133]

Here's how to replace it: MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Models A1226 and A1260 Display Data Cable Replacement

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Try pushing below the Apple on the back of the screen if the color returns your display cable probably isnt broken. It is easily fixable with some doublesided tape. Just follow the Installing display cable tutorial Without removing the cable. When opening the screen you can see the chip right next to the display connector, cut a piece of tape the size of the chip and paste it on there (between chip and plastic).

That should do the job and spare your some money on a new display cable you dont need..

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Hi Kevin - that was exactly what's happening with my MPB: pushing below the Apple on the back of the screen fixes it.

So, I've just taken it apart following the "Display Data Cable Replacement" guide. And - unfortunately I can't quite see what you mean regarding where to stick the tape.

I can't actually replace the cable, at least not yet, as I didn't buy a replacement. Checked all connectors though, and couldn't see any crimps or shorts or anything like that.

If you're still out there, would you be able to expand on what needs to be done? Or do you have any photos to illustrate?

Yours hopefully,



Hi Ben,

A bit late but for some reason I dont seem to get any replys on this..

At step 26 -> you can see the chip clearly, the black square next to the connector of the display cable.



Ha - thanks Kevin.

For anyone else out there - I did try with the tape bodge, but that didn't fix it.

I then ended up replacing the cable. Which didn't fix it either. Ended up just living with it . Have a new Macbook now.


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Try taking the computer apart VERY CAREFULLY keep track of every single piece. If the connector is ripped get a new screen, if not just reconnect the connectors.


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