Can I just replace the attached thermal sensor?

Apple MacBook Pro "Core 2 Duo" 2.6 17"

Is it possible to replace the thermal sensor that's attached to the heat sink? Or do I have to replace the entire heat sink?

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Why do you think you need to replace the sensor alone?


There are three sensors. The one in the middle happens to be attached to the heat sink. Forgive my lack of computer genius. I've managed to repair the logic board, resurrecting my dead MBP. But now the fans run full speed. I know I damaged the middle sensor while taking it apart. So I'm thinking that's the issue. By your question, I'm assuming that I'm supposed to replace the entire heat sink???


A better understanding on whats happening can help us guide you.



I screwed up the thermal sensor that's attached to the heat sink. I pulled the connector when I should have lifted, so the end came off. (Yay!) When I put the two wires back in, I'm pretty sure I got it wrong. Everything is working normally with the exception of the computer's temperature. The fans automatically start blowing at 6000 RPM, which is ridiculous. I don't want them to burn the computer out. They weren't doing that before I replaced the logic board. When I slow them down, it doesn't make the temp any better or worse, just less noisy. I'm trying to understand if I have to replace the entire heat sink that has the thermal sensor attached to it with a new heat sink. Or if there's a way to remove the sensor from the heat sink and just replace the sensor without having to replace the entire heat sink. Man, I hope I've done a better job of explaining my question. (Probably not. But I tried. Hard.)


Yayah! You just answered my question. All I needed to know. Didn't know Apple only offered the part with the senor. Hallelujah! Thank you! Okay, when I click accept answer, why does the website suddenly fall into error? Ugh.


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Lets try this first. If you have your system put back together can you download this fan & sensor monitoring app: Temperature Gauge Pro. There are others I just like this one. The free trial version should be enough for now. Post a screenshot of what it shows for us to see.

Your problem maybe something else (unless your sure you killed the sensor). In any case this will tell you if you did.

If you did kill the sensor you'll really need to replace the heat sink as it's mounted quite well (epoxied). You will also need to clean off the old thermal paste and refresh the thermal paste with a goo brand.

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Because this particular MBP has had massive NVIDIA and overheating issues, replacing the heat sink is probably the best way to go. At this point, what harm can a new heat sink do? Kill it? Again? Ha! That's so not funny. I have everything stripped down again. No way am I putting that monster back together to check the temp gauge. I actually have the free trial version of TGP. Thanks for kickin it to me elementary style. Because most people just go all in, assuming that I have a clue about any of this. I've never taken a toaster apart, much less my freaking MBP. I've broken this thing down and reassembled it at least six times already. Crazy.


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