Mid 2009 Model A1278 / 2.26 or 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo processor EMC 2326

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During a repair, I found some lose parts, What are they?

I was replacing my battery and hard drive, and found two plastic parts loose inside the case.

Repair history up to this point:

  • After purchase, the hard disk was DOA in less than a week, Apple replaced it.
  • About a year, I upgraded the RAM.
  • About two years in, water spilled on the keyboard. Apple replaced the mother board.

For now I have buttoned up the computer and it is running fine.

Here is a picture of the items:

Block Image

...and a second picture with the pieces flipped over.

Block Image

Any idea what they are?

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Well one of them looks like a button off of a shirt, the other I'm not quite sure. You may want to check whatever shirt you were wearing while doing the repair for lost buttons? Lol! You say they're both made of plastic? If they were slightly smaller and more recessed I'd say the one on the left almost resembles the rubber microphone gasket, normally that's attached to the underside of the speaker grill. No ideas beyond that


Alas I had on a t-shirt. :) While small, it does resemble a button, however it is but it recessed. The holes are clean through, no grill or mesh. the smaller one is more like a washer...but shows potential to have broken off of the first piece.

I agree it looks like something that would cover a microphone or speaker. I may take it to the geniuses later in the week.


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Justkj - Your right it does look like a button ;-} And, your right! it's the microphone.

Review the IFIXIT guide MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2009 Microphone Replacement. First look at Step 16 to see when're the mic is located. It's under a metal frame. It's just wedged in for some reason the rubber broke way. You'll need to replace it the Apple part number is - 922-9059.

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We have a winner! Thank you

I new it was sound related, I just had no idea where the Mic was located. I will the bottom cover off again today. I have some contact cement that I can fix the round washer piece with (it is actually broken in one spot. and then see if there is a way to reattach it.

iFixit does not appear to carry that part and the last time I asked an Apple store for parts I was shocked at the prices...I under most parts being expensive, what I need was the rubber feet on the bottom. Two of mine came off and I could not find them to glue them back down. Apple wanted $25 apiece of them. While not pretty, I just paid $5 at a hardware store for silicone pads that do the same thing.


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