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Repair and disassembly guides for water dispensers.

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Cold water giving hot water

Need help, my water dispenser is giving me trouble, the supposedly cold water part is giving me a hot water. i don't know what to do.

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Sadly it sounds like the compressor is going or the refrigerant has leaked out.

These are little mini heat pumps moving the heat from the water in one tank to another one creating cold & hot water (excess heat is also dumped into the air).

If the pump is not able to compress the refrigerant it is unable to remove the heat and could be doing the reverse here pushing heat in to the cold side. In any case it would be warm not hot water.

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hello sir, thanks for the reply, any ideas on how to fix this problem of mine?


You'll need some special tools and access to the refrigerant your system uses. Not sure if it can be repaired. Best to bring it to an AC repair person to check out he will have the needed gear and refrigerant.


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