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An in-sink unit for the disposal of food waste, also known as a waste disposal unit.

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Kenmore garbage disposal - No sound, just won't turn on

What if you turn on the disposal & there is no sound, no hum? It didn't break down while in use, & I have tried to fix it--pushed button on bottom, checked for blockages, flipped breaker--to no avail. I don't have the right sized allen wrench for the hole in the bottom, but seemed to move around a bit & sound like it's got water in it when I tried another tool in said hole. I want to fix it myself before calling the landlord. Thanks!

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I finally have the answer, it was a loose wire in the toggle switch housing. No idea why it came loose, vibration must have done it with use. Thank you for your suggestions.

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My Kenmore disposer works (the motor works) but it stopped spinning


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Start Switch

On some models the stopper activates the start switch which is mounted into the upper housing of the garbage disposer. If the disposer won't turn or run at all the switch might be defective. The start switch can be checked for continuity and replaced if necessary.

Other Causes and Conditions

Wall Switch

If the garbage disposer won't turn or run at all the wall switch might be defective.

Other Causes and Conditions

Non Serviceable Motor

If the garbage disposer won't turn or run at all the motor might be defective. The motor is not replaceable. If the motor is dead the disposer will have to be replaced.

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Please tell us what worked.


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