iPhone 4s motherboard part name its a small chip


I want to know what is part name and what works in network area?

I attached image of this part.It is located near L47_rf. It is a ic and it has total12 legs and it is before to U17_rf.

Block Image

Thanks. .

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Jay, that is reference designator U3_RF which is a RF1642 BROADBAND HIGH POWER SP4T SWITCH Package Style: QFN. from the image it looks like a 3x3 package. RF1642 is most likely manufactured by RFMD but I can not find a datasheet on it. Hope this helps, good luck.

Block Image

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ok one question: if i remove this U3_RF and bypass ground and main line to ahead then what happen,is it work? I allready bypass U17_RF and work.


Jay, If you bypass U17_RF, you will also have to bridge HB/LB connection with GPS/GNSS, otherwise you lose the diversity antenna or GPS antenna, depending which connection you forget.

U3_RF is the primary/diversity antenna switch, iPhone 4s use this switch to switch the Tx signal between 2 antennas. If you bypass this switch, you will lose Tx on diversity antenna, which can cause the "death grip on iPhone 4 to happen on your phone.

if you are OK with that, it should work without other problems.


Oh yes Tom diversity and gps not working due to U17_RF bypass, but ok.Now I planning to bypass U3_RF because I getting network problems like searching or no service.One important thing is when i check blue coil(L47_RF) line and ground line by digital meter, its sounds beeppp,means something short.How can I determine U3_RF working or gone short?

Well ,Thanks Tom for nice discuss.:-)

I also want to thanks oldturkey03.:-)


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