Repair and disassembly guides for the Apple AirPort Extreme Model A1143.

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How to switch from OPEN wifi to a secured wifi unit?

Looking to switch my Apple airport extreme from an open wifi to a more secured wifi unit , cause my niece who i bought the unit for did not know how to switch the unit from an OPEN wifi to a more secured Apple wifi at the time and i'm trying to secure the apple airport extreme model A1143 , so we don't have unwanted users to use the free home wifi, only user's with the password for the unit..!!!

What is the procedure to switch it?? Wifi or hardline from a PC computer ??

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First you'll need to connect your mac, iPhone or iPad via a wired or wireless connection to the Airport unit.

Next need to find Airport Utility on your Mac, iPhone or iPad. Within it you can configure your AirPort unit. You may need to do a hard reset to clear any old settings. Within the menus of the utility you'll be able to setup your WiFi services I strongly recommend you setup WPA2 Personal security and you might want to turn off AP broadcasting.

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