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Where/how to sell mid-2010 MacBook Pro with bad logic board?

I'm looking to sell my MacBook Pro (15" unibody, mid-2010) that I bought refurbished from the Apple Store in Oct 2010, due to a failed logic board. (sigh...)

The story behind it is that the original logic board gave out last summer (June-July 2013), which fell under Apple's recall with the failing graphics chip. Apple replaced it for free. This time around, the MacBook started displaying similar symptoms as the last time: random shut-downs, occasionally not powering on (now so that at least the Mac OS no longer starts up at all). I took it by a local Apple Store, and unfortunately they found certain sensors failing, indicating the logic board was on its way out. Rather sadly, in this case, the logic board problem this time does not fall under Apple's recall warranty. (A bit ticked at Apple, since this is the logic board they replaced my last one with, and now it failed barely a year in.)

Seeing it's more worth buying a new Mac than repair, I'm looking to sell as is. Does anyone have any recommendations about where to sell and what a reasonable market price would be? Condition for everything else is fine (screen, drive, battery, etc.), beyond some minor scratches on the case.

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In my estimation a machine that is just going to fry a new logic board isn't worth much. If you sell it without giving its history the karma is on you. So you have a dilemma if you're an honest man. Click on my icon and give me an email and I'll make you a low ball offer because it really needs to be parted out and the mag-safe board trashed and the power supply trashed. Maybe even the battery trashed.

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