Mid 2010 Model A1278 / 2.4 or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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mbp restarts after secs of turning on.. kernel?

Hi guys, my mbp's been put to sleep, at a corner for quite a while now cos i didnt know what to do with it eversince issues started popping up... so i thought i might try it out here to get things solved and hopefully to save it.

Heres the thing.. it started out freezing here and there, color wheel often and lags, programmes are sometimes unresponsive too.. (possible heat issues im guessing?)

And then it started rebooting (color wheel at start up page too) as and when it wishes and sometimes secs after powering up.. and sometimes some kernel codes showed up (which idk whats with the kernel thing) it had to wait for quite a while before able to start it up again and rebooting cycles starts. ):

I had a bloated battery and hence had it removed cos of its due too..

I really hope that theres hope for my mbp to get it running again. Can i get some solutions of whats causing the pronlem and suggestions of what to replace please?? Repair services here aRe quite costly and i dont know which to trust incase its a half s job done.

Hope to get help soon!!!! Really, thank you.

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Often when I see kernel panics and beach balls during startup the OS is corrupt. It's also possible the HD is also having big problems. You may need a new drive.

Do you have access to a second Mac? If you do you could try setting up your MacBook Pro in target mode then connect it to the other Mac to check out the HD with Disk Utility. If you have nothing important on your drive you could even reformat & install a fresh copy of the OS.

If the problem persists using the other Mac create a bootable USB thumb drive with the correct OS for your system. Then try booting up your system with the USB drive (it will be slow so don't panic). Is the system stable now? You may want to disconnect your internal HD as well here.

I don't think your battery issue has any direct bearing here. While you need to replace it I would first see if you can get your system running first (keep it out for now).

Let us know how it goes.

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