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The HP 842c was introduced in 2000. Like most old printers, the cartridges are large and last. Along with this, it is also more reliable than modern inkjet printers. While the ink lasts, the printer uses a Tri-Color cartridge. If one color is empty, the whole cartridge is considered empty.

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Running in Windows 8.1

How do I get my printer to run in Windows 8.1?

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This can be used in Win8 but it isn't plug and play anymore and it needs to be done manually. I have outlined the new method below.

  • Plug the printer in and let it fail to install. Use a USB cable to be sure you get it the first time.
  • After this, go under Printers and Devices. Search it in the Modern UI.
  • Go to add a printer and select USB 001. This port can be changed to any USB pore if USB 001 doesn't work, but usually 001 does the trick. Don't lose any sleep if you need to try multiple ports.
  • If you do not see the HP 842c as a built in driver, use Windows Update and let it search for drivers. Once you are done, go under HP or Hewelett Packard and find the 842c. Click next after this and install it. Once you downlad the driver and it's in the driver cache, you'll never have to do this again. It will just work in the future. You also do not get the utilities anymore, since HP doesn't support this model beyond basic compatibility in Win8.
  • Print a test page.

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