Trackpad issue after replacing new one

hi guys,

i have chanegd new trackpad for my computer(2013 late A1465), after using new trackpad, trackpad's function which is no problem, but function key(F1/F12) can not work normally, somebody can find possible root cause for it and tell me what i can do


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First try a Apple USB or Bluetooth keyboard to check to make sure it works with it.

If it does which I suspect it will. You will need to check the ribbon cable connections on the upper case and the connection to the logic board. Are you sure you disconnected the cables correctly as well as seat cable ends in fully and close the latches of the connectors. Often people forget able the latch or fail to fully insert the ribbon.

If your sure the ribbon cables are correctly inserted did you nick the cable? carefully look along where you reseated it into the case and also check where its connected to the logic board.

Lastly, it's possible the keys are damaged did you spill something into the trackpad which could have also spilled into the keyboard. Is that why you needed to change out the trackpad?

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Thanks for comment, it seems related with trackpad, because i have re-assemblied many times, the result is the same and use old trackpad to try keyboard function, the function's key which is no problem, currently i do not know why trackpad can cause function no function

and i have got this trackpad from China, they told me it need to update firmwire or programming? i do know the detailed information about it, someone can find right solution about it...



Sounds odd... The trackpad & keyboard are connected internally via an internal USB port of the controller logic (USB devices). You could try updating the EFI firmware of the system to see if that made a difference. Frankly, I think its the wrong part. In any case give it a try, here's the link to the Apple TN on how to check and update: EFI and SMC firmware updates for Intel-based Macs.


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