Released October 2008 / 2.4, 2.53, 2.66, 2.8 or 2.93 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor

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Keyboard Wifi and Bluetooth not working after Coffee Spill


I have replaced a keyboard on a newer MacBook Pro 17 Inch but now I need to fix my MacBook Pro 15 Unibody Late 2008 (someone at work knocked a cup of Coffee over it grrrrrr).

I have stripped it down and cleaned it but the power button is intermittent, only a couple of keys are working so I know I need to replace the keyboard.

There are a couple of other problems that I need to resolve before I spend money on the keyboard.

The left mouse button on the trackpad does not work, double tapping on folders opens them but double tapping on the dock does nothing.

The Wifi icon is grey with a cross in it and the Bluetooth has a wiggly line through it.

And when I open photo booth it says there is no camera connected.

I tried resetting SMC but as the power button is U/S it's not working and I cannot reset the PRAM without a keyboard. I have attached a USB keyboard so I can type commands in terminal if this is an option.

Can anyone help.

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Ouch! Hopefully your co-worker has deep pockets here. I suspect (as you most likely do as well here) the coffee has gotten in quite deep.

The AirPort board is located in the clutch cover and the iSight camera is wired though it (black plastic between the hinges) for the display. And it could have also managed to get around the LVDS cable connection on the logic board as that is where the AirPort and iSight camera is connected to the logic board.

So you have a big job to get to the AirPort card and hopefully the iSight connection on it downstream is what is gone bad here. And hopefully the logic board is not damaged.

As you know getting to the keyboard is also a big job on its own. You'll have a mix of 50 odd number of screws and/or snap rivets which tend to break to remove to get the keyboard out and you may not be able to clean it well enough to be functional. I would recommend just replacing the full upper case here and you will likely need to replace the trackpad here as well given the symptoms it has.

So rolling all of this together makes this a very expensive repair. It maybe cheaper to find a good clean used system for less!

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