Model A1419 / Late 2012 / 2.9 & 3.2 GHz Core i5 or 3.4 GHz Core i7 Processor, ID iMac13,2

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Replacing the HDD to SSD

Hello, I'm interesting to swapping out the HDD and install the SSD. I've read some solutions and there are someone said will be have temp sensor problem. I'm wondering is it work if I replacing a "Adata SX900 512GB SSD"? Any temperature problem?


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Sadly, you can't swap out the HD for a SSD (any vendors) as the system is expecting a thermal sensor within the HD. With that said you can buy from other world computing a special adaptor but no one has tested yet.


Just to be clear, you will be a trial blazer here.

There is just not much info out there on many people even attempting to open these systems as they are very hard to open and making any alterations (different from what it was designed to support).

While I understand your desire to improve your systems speed I don't think swapping out your HD to a SSD is the best solution.

The better direction is going with a hybrid HD (SSHD) than trying to force fit the SSD into the system. That way you won't need the thermal sensor as the drive will have it (unlike the SSD).

We bought a few dual drive'd Thin systems but found the drive just wasn't large enough for what we needed and the system was sluggish as well running a Fusion drive setup in our configuration (CAD and Presentations). We only have a half dozen of these as our direction changed due to the difficulty in servicing this model. We are going forward with the Mac Pro system instead for our new engineering desktops and the staying with the mini for administration desktops.

Seagate makes a nice unit which we have installed in the systems we have. Here's the spec sheet: Desktop SSHD spec sheet. While not quite as fast as a straight SSD it is dam close.

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Thanks for your reply. Are you sure it is impossible to replace the HD for a SSD? I've found many youtube teaching you how to changing to SSD. Also, OWC have a guide teaching too.


I think you either have your model confused or are not noting the model info in your sources. Please supply the last four digits of your serial number so we can verify we are talking about the correct model.


If you are sure you have one of the newer 'Thin series' Then the answer I have offered you is correct. FYI - Here is the special adapter one would need: OWC Hard Drive Upgrade Kit '11 models. I'm sure some people have tried only to find out the systems fan went wild as they forgot about the thermal sensor in the drive. Then they try some snake oil fan control app to calm the fan only to burn up the system in a few months.


Yes, I'm sure mine one is "Thin series". It's 27" late 2012, the first generation of "Thin series". It means I can change it to SSD and I should buy a thermal sensor from OWC right?


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