Info on the iPhone 6 chips. Chip specs & name of its manufacturer?

Can you provide full tear down of iPhone 6 and 6+ with full specification of type of processors/CPU or chip used with their functionality and their manufacturer?

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I'm sure the IFIXIT teardown team is on the ground in Australia as we speak sharpening their knifes and prepping the camera stand, just up the street from the Melbourne Apple Store where someone is standing inline as the fourth person to get into the store when the doors open any monument now (its Friday their first).

Not that I really know for sure... ;-}

Really, don't worry I'm sure the IFIXIT team will be doing a through teardown in do course. One does need to wait until the product is even available first.

Well Here you go: iPhone 6 Teardown

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Spot-on, Dan :)


Thanks Andrew! BTW the tear downs look great!


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