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New Keyboard Installation - Select keys working

Hello iFixIt!

Earlier this year, I spilled liquid onto the Macbook Air. After around a day, when I pressed the keys it would just input weird character - not letters. Obviously it seemed like the keyboard was impacted but nothing else because once I plugged in an external keyboard, I can use the machine fine.

This morning I installed the keyboard perfectly, and re-assembled the Mac. Only a select amount of keys work "B, up and left arrow and one command"

I purchased this keyboard from eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/271346555131?_tr...

He has a 99.9% excellent rating.

What could the problem be? Is there another issue with the laptop? Did I receive a broken keyboard? Was it a poor keyboard installation?

Any help would be great!


Kevin A

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Time and moisture=corrosion damage.

It's possible that the connector or other components on the logic board are damaged. Only you, by close examination with a magnifying glass, can determine this.

If there is no other damage visible talk with your vendor about the replacement keyboard.

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Thank you, I'll further investigate


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