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Swapped a drives in a fusion set up

My iMac is set up using a SSD drive and a HD as a fusion drive set up.

I had a 1 TB HD Drive in my iMac. Part of diagnosing a problem I bought a new 2TB HD and put that in my iMac. It was an easy fix, it automatically fixed it to the new fusion set up. My question is I bought an enclosure for my older 1 TB HD and I can't see to erase it. When you hook it up it wants to "fix" it to link it to my system. I just want to erase it so I can use it as back up storage. Thank You for any help.

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I know this was a old question but I wondered after yosemite was released if I can break the fusion drive without taking my computer apart. Can I hook it up firewire and break them? Can I give the old 1Tb to a family member that is running windows for them to use. I'd hate to put it in a drawer for good.


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This is one of the issues we faced as well. Apple did not assume people would be upgrading their HD's only replacing them when they failed.

The correct method is to put the old drive back in and then breaking the Fusion drive set then you can replace the HD and re-setup the Fusion drive set. But before you do any of this you need to have a full backup to then restore onto the re-established Fusion drive.

The rub here is your system knows the drives serial number so even if you reformat the drive on a different system as soon as your system see's the drive it will try to fix the Fusion drive thinking that is what you want.

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Interesting. I am about to do the same with my Fusion-configured iMac 27". My plan is to (1) keep the 128 GB SSD drive in place, but (2) replace the 7200 RPM rotational drive with a second SSD. (The rotational drive is making an awful noise lately.) I assume the process is more or less the same? I plan to do all this when Yosemite is released so that I can do a clean install. Data is already backed up. Thoughts?


How about going with a SSHD unit instead and breaking the fusion so the SSD is your boot disk only (dual standard drives - not setup as a fusion). You'll get better performance than trying a dual SSD setup. In fact I think you'll have issues doing a dual SSD setup running as a fusion drive.


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