Model A1224 / Mid 2007 and Early 2008 / 2, 2.4, or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Replaced noisy hard drive with a less noisy one-

Is there a way to fix a noisy hard drive? For example, can you just flip it over and place 3 in 1 oil somewhere to stop the noise?

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NO, Don't use oil!! You'll damage things. Besides you can't get into the drive to get to where the lube would be needed if the bearings are going. Sadly, its time for a new drive.


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Sadly, no you can't flip the unit over or put oil anywhere to fix a noisy drive.

What you can do is replace it with a newer unit that is quieter. A new hybrid drive (SSHD) will also improve your system performance and they are not too expensive either ;-}

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Thanks I am currently using a 2006 model with 23 hundred hours of use and still going. Any idea why some work for longer than they should and why some fail long before their time?


Too many variables here to tell you why yours has done better than others: Dust, System Heat, AC Power, Power & Thermal Shock (how you use your system) and lastly the ideal match of parts that make up your drive (manufacturing tolerances). Over time HD makers have gotten better in building drives, today they are at the pinnacle of both quality and price.


Thanks for that. Do the ssd's buzz at all? I had a smallish laptop with internal SSHD that seemed to buzz all the time. Heat sensors seem to freak if they get no signal from the normal hard drive temperature-I'm guessing you want the fan to blow at some time. Anyway thanks again-No 3 in 1 oil to fix.


Meant to say in original post that the Hard drive that came with this Apple has logged in 23 THOUSAND hours according to macupdate hard ware check website that uses SMART system. The Power supply was changed with a new one in 2013 $85 China (sorry trade deficit) and GPU pressed with soldering iron+new thermal paste. OSX reloaded twice and erase free space 2X per year.


Buzzing SSD?? I've never heard of them making noise as they have no moving parts. With that said chips can make electrical noise which is picked up and amplified which could be heard via the speaker. As you have a SSHD (hybrid HD) that is not a true SSD it is both a SSD and a HD in one device so it has a mechanical drive which can make noise like a standard HD.


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