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How do I center the front facing camera on the new screen

After replacing an iPhone screen, the front facing camera seems to wiggle around inside the device. How do I center and stabilize it?

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Did you transfer the front camera bracket from the damaged screen onto your replacement screen?

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I did, but the bracket itself wiggled around a little bit.


When I do a 5/5C/5S screen repair, I transfer the bracket and glue it down using a very small amount of super glue. Any similar adhesive would work just as well, but I imagine that affixing the bracket to the replacement screen will solve your problem.


Ok thanks. I just didn't know if you needed a special type of adhesive.


I should also mention...when you glue it down, let it dry before putting things back together, and then check the front camera window for any haze that may have formed over the window on the inside. I've found that sometimes the glue creates this haze that makes the picture from the camera fuzzy, and I'm not entirely sure why it forms. If it does happen to you, it can be easily cleaned before putting things back together by using alcohol and a cotton swab.


Thanks for the help!


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