Bad video after replacing the hd with an ssd.

I have taken the most care when tearing it down. No cables were forced. But when I mounted the machine again and turned it on, the display shows stripes and is completely scrambled. The backlight is ok, only the video signal seems affected. The only different thing I did was rotate the machine so the screw that fell inside the machine would fall out. Maybe the LVDS cable or connector got damaged somehow (I'm assuming it was already in bad condition). The startup chord plays normally.

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Try using an external monitor to see if the display or the GPU has gone bad. Does the external monitor look OK? If it does then the display or its connection need to be looked at again.

Often when I see stripes the display unit has gotten damaged did you pinch something or tighten the screws with something wedged on one side?

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Getting an DVI adapter to do so. Thanks for your reply, will post here the results later. I have to check the display again and see if something got damaged when ungluing it from the chassis, but I think hardly is the case because I used proper tools and was carefull to disassemble it.


When connecting an external display with an DVI adapter i have black screen on both thunderbolt ports. This adapter works normally on my Air. I can't get to know if the computer is properly booting or not. Could it be related to the SSD drive? I hardly think so... Maybe the adapter doesn't work on a thunderbolt v2 port?


Now I figured out that the video on the external monitor only loads at the login screen, but I can't get there because the ssd has no data on it yet. Will have to put back the original drive to see of it works with the external monitor, i'm guessing it will do. Will update as soon as I know it.


With the display disconnected from the logic board I can get the external monitor to work fine. Would you know if it is the LVDS or the other (non replaceable) cable that is the problem? And another question: Would the display from the 2012 model work with this? It has one different letter on the model - LM215WF3 (SD) (D2) on the 2013 and LM215WF3 (SD) (D1) on the 2012 model.


Unfortunately the screen got damaged, probably the same way happened with you. None of the experts could explain exactly why, but the guess is that maybe the heating damaged the IPS circuit (even it being very moderate). So my advise to who is going to disassemble an iMac with IPS display is to be really careful with heat. I will keep this damaged unit in the hope that it can get repaired in the future.


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