Model A1224 / Early 2009 / 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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iMac won't power on


I have an iMac 20" Core 2 Duo 2.66 Ghz and one day it won't power on.

I don't hear the fan or the hard drive spinning as well. When I touched the base of my iMac I felt a slight ground (electrical surge). Could it be a power supply issue or logic board??

I went to the local Apple Technician and he said my logic board is no more. How can I tell if it's a logic board problem or power supply??

My iMac's Serial number is QP83406TZE6. Where can i find the serial number of my logic board?will it match the serial number of my iMac exactly???

Ron from the Philippines

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Hi Ron,

To start with I suspect your homes power line or outlet has a problem which killed your iMac. The fact you feel a tingling sensation when touching the base means the case is hot electrically.

Carefully disconnect your computer from the outlet, without touching any exposed metal, as well as any thing else as you could get your self Zapped here!

Get an electrician in ASAP to check and fix your houses wiring. If he can't find anything have him check the telephone and cable entries to the building as well as the buildings grounding. What I suspect here is the ground connection is mis-wired or some device is poorly wired so the hot 120 volts services is getting into your building ground connection.

As for your computer as you brought it to a different location which we hope has good power and it still fails to startup it does sounds like at least the power supply is damaged. Hopefully thats all. But power issues like what happened in your case are hard to know if the logic board also got damaged.

As to your logic board its' serial number does not matter only the systems so you get the correct parts.

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