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Replacement screen works but not naturally


A year ago my iBook G4 12" 1.33ghz (A1133) fell after someone tripped over the networking cable, ironically while i was out buying an Airport Express base station.

The Hinge snapped and the unsupported screen cracked under stress a month later.

I replaced the screen with an 1Book 12" G4 screen from this website (

I have installed it. It works. There is one dead pixel but at 1024x768x32 resolution it operates perfectly.

HERE is THE PROBLEM: At the aformentioned resolution operation is fine. However, when i change the resolution, to say 800x600 or 640x680, The screen maintains the 1024x768 screen resolution and and reduces the displayed screen size within the screen.

I know it is not a big deal, but using any games or programs that use a different resolution make the computer unusuable. I paid for a replacement G4 screen, so i feel that i should have a fully functioning screen. This is important to me, please help me solve the problem.

Regards, Matthew

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Is the screen you bought was specifically for the 12" 1.33 model and did you buy the full screen assembly cause there are incompatibility problems with the LVDS cables on this model depending of the LCD brand.

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