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HP ProBook 6560b laptop converts HDD's from NTFS to RAW format?

I have this problem, 3 hdd's now turned from NTFS to RAW on my HP Probook. New HDD's nonetheless.

Strange thing: After trying to format them, or delete partitions to make a new NTFS partition, they always seem to be labeled as Dynamic disc in 2 partitions: one = around 54 GB and the other about 410 GB (500GB HDD's).

This occured on all 3 discs. Very strange. They run fine for a few weeks, then boom, same issue again and again.... Can't find anything anywhere about this...

I tried 2 WD 500GB discs and 1 Samsung HDD 500GB, all 3 same problem. It starts with the notebook not detecting the HDD, just to find out it turned to RAW again, 465GB unallocated space.

Then I take them out, delete the partitions and create a new NTFS partition, everything runs fine on my PC with the HDD's. Plug it back into my Probook, bam, it sees my HDD iwth 2 partitions, Dynamic discs (54 and 410GB) which i need to delete and create a new NTFS partition (Again? Just did that on PC?) in order to install anything.

Getting a bit desperate now.... I'm no n00b, know my way around computers, it's my dayjob to repair them, but this is making me a little bit crazy..... Hihi.

So... HELP!!??!!

Anyone any ideas? Grtz, T_D_M

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Try replacing the SATA cable. I would also check the drive specs to make sure the SATA interface is correct for this system and I would check the systems firmware. There are issues when attempting to use too fast a SATA drive for the what the system was designed for (i.e. SATA III drive into a SATA II system).

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Thanks for helping with some ideas, but first of all, there is no Sata cable, the connector is mounted directly on the motherboard.

And the speed of sata drives only matters considering non-mechanical drives (SSD). A normal mechanical drive (7200rpm) won't even saturate a Sata II port, as far as i know, but i could be mistaking. So i'll have a look at that.

However, i don't think that is the problem, becaus i always keep my rigs up to date with the latest firmwares and updates.

Maybe it's possessed, whahaha! ;-) Thanks again for helping me get some ideas, but more ideas are surely welcome, people!

So help is still wanted! thanks in advance, grtz, T_D_M


OK, this system does not have a cable so that rules out that.


Well sorry to tell you I've seen lots of issues with too fast a SATA drive for older systems. This isn't a firmware issue but there was a handshake issue with the newer SATA drives that many systems needed a firmware update. Again check your SATA drives SATA spec and what the systems SATA port is spec'ed at as long as they are the same then its not the issue. But if you are using too fast a SATA drive this could explain things.


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