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Display Clasp is Missing. Where should I get a new one?

Howdy everyone! I'm still working on my little 12" PowerBook, and one of its problems is that the clasp in the display that keeps the computer shut is gone! Does anyone know where I can get a new one, or how I should go about repairing it? I would imagine that I have to get the piece that it's attached to (like display bezels). But I don't want to replace the whole display! So what do you think? Thanks!


Just to let everyone know, I did end up buying a new front bezel for the PowerBook, went into the display, and everything was just fine. Titanium PowerBooks are much harder than these. Apple made it all quite intuitive. Now, the hard part is finding a front bezel that includes the clasp. You gotta find one of those. . . . :) Thanks for everyone's help though!

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How do I replace the latch?

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I agree with David Iwanicki's answer. Replacing the display bezel is a difficult repair even if you have experience repairing computers. The 12" PowerBook is a nightmare to take apart and reassemble. Even the display assy is hard to work without damaging something. My recommandation for your problem is to install small double-sided velcros ribbon pieces on the bezel and on the edge of the top case.This would keep the lid closed and the sleep system would stay fully functional.

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Well I'm very sorry to hear that. And I hate to be blunt but quite frankly you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. I work to refurbish Apples and I firstly cannot settle for such a crude standard. Secondly, you are prematurely assuming my ability in repairing computers. I find the 12" PowerBook to be simple to repair. The TiBooks and much more so the iBook G3s are 1000 times more difficult and complicated than the more modern and simplified 12" PowerBook. I desire to repair this latch as I have been into display housings before, repairing Titanium hinges and LCDs. I noticed on the other post that someone mentioned that you'd have to replace the entire bezel part. I merely wonder which bezel part I should get? The front probably has the clasp, not the back, but I guess that's up to me to discover. Thank you very much for your help and consideration, but I guess there's no way for the determined to find out difficult answers. Thank you.

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Front bezel, there's no back bezel, well in fact it's all the assembly that hold the LCD panel without the back panel so you'll have to transfer all the cabling and the inverter board from the broken display to the replacement one. The airport cable is tricky to reinstall in the display. Make sure to tape it inside the display at the exact location it was taped before cause you'll have problem to fix the back panel to the display assy.


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