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Won't Turn On

I push on the power button and hear "click" No battery lights come on or any lights. Then, the fan begins running like a jet about to take off. The only way to stop the fan and turn off the computer is to remove the battery.

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this sounds very much like the exact problem I had on an old iBook G4 12"

I believe the problem is with your logic board. if you google "iBook G4 12" logic board problem" you'll find many reports of your exact symptoms. apparently the problem has to do with the graphics chip becoming partially detached from the logic board (no, it is NOT socketed). Some people have fixed it temporarily by inserting a shim to squeeze the chip towards the logic board and make the connection. Otherwise you may need to replace the logic board.

you can find one such person's experience here. but as I say google it and you will find others

in my case, rather than fix this iBook I instead salvaged the optical drive to use in another broken but newer Powerbook.

good luck with your repair

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Also a big possibility! Nice post.


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A few quick tips from Apple's web site:

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1. Press the control key, the command key, and the power button simultaneously and hold for three seconds to try to restart the computer.

2. Reset the PRAM. After pressing the power button, hold down these keys simultaneously: Command-Option-P-R, until you hear the startup chime at least one additional time after the initial startup chime.

3. Reset the SMC for the MacBook And MacBook Pro by removing the AC power, removing the battery and then holding down the power button for five seconds.

4. If you recently installed additional memory, make sure it is correctly installed and is compatible with your computer. Remove the new memory to see if the computer starts up properly without it.

If none of these work try powering you macbook on with just the power cable plugged in and no battery in it. If this doesn't work it may be a power issue. This means the DC inverter cable may be bad or loose.

*Before making replacements on internal components its a great idea to bring it in to Apple's genius bar so they can help isolate the issue. This will help you find the problem.

iFixit DC In Cable.

If none of these steps work it may be the logic board.

Hope this helps!


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Good advice. I'd emphasize removing the extended memory, and even the battery, before resetting the PRAM and PMU. First rule of testing -- remove extraneous stuff first to make the situation less complicated.


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