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I need your guidance for earthing to prevent from lightning

I need proper earthing guides to prevent from damages due to lightning and thunder,i also need what type of cables to be laid with any extra sheath wherein lightning will not penetrate,kindly guide me thank you,This is for modems and programmable logical controllers which will kept in an enclosed chamber in an open field to monitor the data and ingestion of manure through drip irrigation in TEA FIELDS in a hilly region


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NARAYANAN LAKSHMANAN, I'd use a grounding rod and drive that into the ground, then connect all ground wires to that. For lightning protection, a ligthning rod seems to be the only answer. Check the white paper on here and some great information about Cat 5 outdoor equipment on here. You will of course consider what equipment you use. If it does have a n outdoor enclosure, it is most likely designed to be electrically insulated. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thank you so much for the good answer,I am obliged.NARAYANAN LAKSHMANAN


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