Logic Board component fell off during screen repair

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During a screen repair I had a very small component fall off right below the rightmost screw of the dock connector. It is square and appears to have 4 solder pads on it. I'm not 100% sure this is actually the correct component as I just ended up with the tiny part on my sheet after I was all done so I had to go back in and look on the logic board for missing parts.

I was wondering A) what this is as I can't even read the part number it's so small, B) is it important, and C) how can I possibly reconnect it? Thanks for your help!

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mindseye11, that is reference designator U18_RF which is a 74AUP1G08GF INPUT AND GATE in a SOT891 package. It is available right here. Here is the datasheet. It is part of the Baseband circuitry. For a repair, it will need to be soldered back on. Hope this helps, good luck

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Thanks oldturkey, would this affect the cellular signal? So far that's the only thing I've found not working since I turned it on.

Do you have any tips on soldering something so small? Also, since the pads are on the back, how do I even get solder on there and stick it to the board at the same time? I've never solder something that didn't have legs on its sides.


It's done via reflow method, can't use a soldering iron for that one. Yes it could affect the cell signal.


Would that be done with a heat gun? Just use tweezers to hold the component in place and let the heat gun melt the existing solder back onto the board?


that is in principle correct. Just don't burn the part, you will have to have good temp control and it will only take seconds.


I'm looking a little closer at the component and it appears to only have 4 pads, while the logic board shows 6 pads. Is that right? The link you sent shows a component with 6 pads. Could the pads have come off? Is that salvageable?


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