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A mini tablet computer designed by Blackberry and manufactured by Quanta Computer in 2011. Model number RDJ21WW.

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My tablet doesn't charge properly

The charging icon keeps signalling on/off and doesn't give my tablet a full charge.

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The Playbook is known to have some power and charging issues. The troubleshooting guide actually covers a lot of them, if you want to give it a look.

The most common issue seems to be a weak charging port. If you insert your charger the wrong way (which is a common problem with all USB connectors...), it can bend or break the charging port. People report success with manually realigning the port to level it out.

Before you get into that, I'd look at some of the baselines. Are your charging port and charging connector free of debris? Buildup of dirt or dust could prevent the charger from aligning properly or could block a connection. Also, is your charger working properly? Try wiggling the wire, particularly at the ends (right near the connector and the plug, two places most likely to be bent) and see if you can get a sustained connection. If you can, try a different charger altogether, maybe one for your phone. If all that still doesn't work, then maybe it's time to consider bending the port back into place.

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