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HTC One (kod adı M7), HTC'nin 2013 yılı amiral gemisi telefonudur. Kusursuz tasarlanmış yekpare alüminyum gövdeye, ön tarafta 2 adet büyük hoparlöre ve 4.7 inç 1080p ekrana sahiptir.

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My device is failing to power up after suddenly cutting off

as i was about to answer a call yesterday,my htc M7 just went dead without warning and hasn't powered back up since .

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It's complicated.

First question, if your phone has the charging mark when plug it to PC or wallcharger? If have, your LCD screen is Okay.

And then, can you get your phone root? Try to see if it's caused by crash firmware.

If all failed, there are several possible causes such as broken battery, loosen connector which causing wrong power button flex, broken LCD screen or motherboard.

It's really difficult to define. So either take it for professional test or take it apart and try the relating components on the other HTC One. Before, you can replug the connectors such as LCD screen, daughterboard, battery, charging USB board at first.

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