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The Gateway NV52 was released in 2008. It is similar to the MS2274 and NV5207u models.

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DVDs & CDs do not load

My NV52 has stopped recognising that there are DVDs or CDs in the DVD drive. When I try to insert a disc I get a message to "Please insert a disc into drive D", then the drive ejects the disc. Same problem/message when I start the computer with a disc in the D drive and then try to check on the disc using Windows Navigator. I have tried using the troubleshooter w/ success and I have checked the status of the DVD drive and the computer shows that it is working normally and the software is up to date (2006). I even cleaned the lens on the drive without success.

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Editorial: It should read have used the troubleshooter WITHOUT success.


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laser replacement im afraid.

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Can the laser be easily/reasonably replaced (is it worth the effort)? Or will it just be better to replace the DVD reader?


I just ordered a replacement DVD reader, for $25 + shipping its not worth the hassle. Thanks Julian for your support! ;-)


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