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Change out wireless card for new "handoff" capabilities.

My Late 2011 MBP is not capable of doing the new handoff features provided in Yosemite. I have read that it is possible to replace the wireless card which includes bluetooth and wifi transmitters. The websites that claim this are not sites that I am familiar with and/or trust. I've worked with you guys for a long time and I was hoping you could confirm this possibility and if it is true confirm the part # for the new wireless card. Thanks for your time!

Mikey P

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Yes, people are hacking away at their systems to get Handoff services to work ;-}

The MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air systems which have the combo WiFi/Bluetooth board BCM94331PCIEBT4AX can do a simple swap out of the board to a CM94331PCIEBT4CAX board which offers Bluetooth 4.0 LE.

You will still need to alter some OS files, luckily someone has created a script Which you can find here: Continuity-Activation-Tool. This site also offers a detailed listing so far of known hardware & OS fixes needed per model.

The iMac systems which use independent boards for WiFi & Bluetooth have more involved fixes. Right now I would hold off on altering these systems until the dust settles a bit more.

In any case your system is one of the lucky ones! A simple swap-out.

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Thank you for confirming this for me! I am having trouble finding this new Bluetooth/wifi board (CM94331PCIEBT4CAX) anywhere on the internet. I can find the old board everywhere for around $20 on eBay, Google, etc. Even your website doesn't seem to offer it. I searched for that part number and came up empty. Any clues where to purchase one? Thanks!


The reason it the mad rush of people clearing the shelves of the the suppliers to get their systems running. I would wait here as I think you will also find they are now going at a premium price as well! Remember there just isn't many apps that have the ability to use handoff yet!


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