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Released June 2012, Model A1278. Intel processor with Turbo Boost, Up to 512 MB DDR5 Video RAM

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Hard drive upgrade for SSD

I've been looking to upgrade my MacBook's OEM hard drive, it came from Apple with 1tb 5400rpm drive. Ive been reading a lot about TRIM and how it is not native in any but Apples OEM PCIe hard drives. I wondered if this model's logic board has that PCIe slot in order to use one of those SSD drives.

Thanks for the help!

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No, this system uses a custom cable harness to connect a standard 2.5" mSATA drive.

I would strongly recommend swapping out your current HD for a SSHD unit vs a SSD.

I don't recommend installing a dual drive setup by taking out the optical drive as the optical drives SATA port is only SATA II (3.0 Gb/s) unlike the HD's SATA port which is SATA III (6.0 Gb/s).

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Thanks for the feedback, Dan.

Just out of curiosity, why would you recommend a SSHD more vs a SSD?

I know TRIM might be an issue, since there is no native support for TRIM on any SSD beyond Apple's SSD..., but wouldn't the TRIM enabler or even some SSD support such as garbage collection?

I have been thinking on upgrading with this one:

My main issue is that I am seeing performance issues with VMWare Fusion. I run several application I can only have on Windows, so my VM runs with 2 CPUs and 3gb of RAM, but then seems my MAC loves to hog all the memory I have available - based on Activity Monitor. I am upgrading my RAM to 16gb and that should help... any suggestions?


We use VMWare as well and upping the RAM is a good thing! As to the choice of SSHD vs SSD. SSD's are still to expensive for the size of storage we need. Between the OS's & Apps you still need enough free space for the paging and swap files. We work with very large CAD files so that help set the direction for us. I don't think your use will be much different.


The issue with TRIM or any other garbage collection process tends to show its head at the worst times (spinning beach ball). Apple's custom TRIM service in thier SSD's is just better. I was hoping someone would have figured a way to emulate the Apple unit. But wait! Someone has! Angelbird - SSD wrk for Mac. So far I haven't tested them out yet. If they have this is the solution but remember the limits of storage is still a factor.


Yeah... just like you said, I still don't know if the storage vs. speed vs. price factor is something worth even considering at this point. I have a 1tb 5400rpm stock HDD and I feel that spending $400+ just on the HDD is not worth it... but the I see videos on how fast they are and my mouth waters lol.

I had seen the Angelbird drives, but I don't feel it is a good deal to cut 500gb of my storage just on the sake of speed, specially because I chose a laptop for the portability factor.. I don't want to have to plug an external HDD to get my libraries, etc. I'll test to see how the RAM increase goes, and if anything I was thinking on a fresh install of Yosemite. Cross fingers!


Then the answer for you is getting the best of both (HD & SSD) by getting a SSHD. Seagate offers a good unit we have over 200 in the field now and having great success with them.


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