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Problems upgrading to 1 TB hard drive

My early 2011 MacBook Pro came with a 320 GB drive, which I wanted to upgrade to 1TB drive. I followed the ifixit guide, using a new Seagate 1TB sata drive. I used the drive utilities for initializing and formatting the drive IAW the process stated in the ifixit guide. I then downloaded the latest version of Superduper, and began the cloning process. It took about 5 hours to clone the drive, via a USB device, and ended with successful boot up with the new drive via the USB connection. I then replaced the internal original 320 GB drive, with the newly cloned 1TB drive. When I powered the laptop up, I got a white screen, slowly followed by the flashing folder icon with a question mark. I replaced the new drive back with the old 320 GB drive. I did some research, and found forums suggesting replacement of the Sata hard drive cable. I ordered the new cable from ifixit, and while awaiting delivery of the cable, tried the same process all over again, with a new 500 GB Travelstar drive. Same results; new cloned 500 GB drive did the same thing. When I received the new cable, I replaced the old cable and tested both the 1TB and 500 GB drives with neither booting or being recognized when installed. So, I'm scratching my head wondering where do I go now?

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Cloning will only go so far...

First you must make sure to prep the drive with the correct partition type and format the partition correctly:

- Partition Map Type: GPT (GUID Partition Table)

- File System: Journaled HFS+

With the your new drive connected, go to the Apple menu and select About this Mac. Click on More Info... then click on System Report.... Then locate your new HD and review its details. Is it correctly setup?

OK, so we have a correctly setup drive and have cloned it. Now we need to Bless the drive. To do this go to the Startup Disk control panel and select your new drive as the booting disk. Return your system now does the drive take over as the booting disk or are you still getting a question mark?

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