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The Sony Vaio VGN-NW240F is part of the VGN-NW series, which was released in 2009 and comes in various colors. The laptop has a 15.5” (1366x768 resolution) display with an built-in webcam and a compact ten-keyless keyboard.

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Where is the CMOS battery?

where is located teh CMOS internal battery?

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The CMOS (RTC) battery is on the back side of the motherboard. It is connected electrically by a 2 pin connector & stuck to the MB with some sticky stuff. It is a 2.4v, 15ma battery & can be found in "new" condition on EBAY for $5-$6.

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Hi can someone send me the exact location of the cmos battery? I’m trying to remove it and put it back for troubleshooting my laptop that was spiled with water since I did most of the basic troubleshooting and this one is an option. You can also send an image for the exact location. Thanks


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You need to disamble your laptop and look on your motherboard you will able to see cmos battery on your laptop.

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